Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chibi License- About/Terms/F.A.Q./Commission List

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About Chibi License:

The chibi badge created by Robert DeJesus custom made for you.  They are all hand drawn, laminated, and hole punched so you can clip and wear on a lanyard, jacket, uniform, or on a backpack.  Great for school or work.  License are 2.75" x 4".  Clip is not included.

For prices and ordering information, email me at: banzchan001@gmail.com, subject: "Chibi Me."  First come first serve.

Licenses I will not accept to do:

- For free
- For commercial use
- Hentai/yaoi/gore/nsfw/nsfl
- Full body shots
- Without image references
- Group shots
- With a background
- That require me to finish them by a certain date, e.g. birthdays, holidays, live events....

Purchasing a license means you read, understand, and agree to these terms.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I get a Chibi License?

A: Email me- banzchan001@gmail.com subject: "Chibi Me"

Q: Do they cost money?

A: Yes.  Please have a parent or guardian help you order if you are under 18 years old.  Email me- banzchan001@gmail.com subject: "Chibi Me"

Q: Why do you charge for your licenses?

A: Art supplies cost a lot of money and markers dry up pretty quickly.

Q: Why do the license cost so much?

A: To curb demand.

Q: Where did you get blank licenses?

A: I designed them for myself.

Q: Do you sell blank badges?

A: No. I designed them for myself.

Q: Why do you screen your comments?

A: I screen comments mostly on client episodes.  Since they were very kind to support me financially I'd rather they not be subjected to insensitive comments while they watch their episode at their own leisure.

Q: What tools do you use?

A: For penciling I use a 0.3 Rotring Tikki Special. For inking- 0.5, 0.1, 0.01 Copic Multiliners and Sakura Pigma Microns. For coloring- Prismacolor, Tria, and Copic.

Q: Where can I buy them?

A: http://astore.amazon.com/chiblice-20

Q: Can you finish it for a birthday, or anniversary, or live event?

A: I don't accept deadlines. There may be people ahead of you very patiently waiting for theirs, or I may get pulled at any time to work on commercial projects.  A one or five month waiting period is all I can almost guarantee.

Q: I don't have a photo(s). Can I send you a text description?

A: No. Client must supply a photo or drawing that I can reference from.

Upcoming Prepaid License Episodes:

- Phrex (completed 11/20/2012)
- Rincewind
- Alena
- Brian M.
- Joseph M.
- Flandre Scarlet
- Zero Kiryuu
- Voland
- Tomomi
- Kaito
- Kimm H.
- Mudkip
- Rachel
- Alex
- Winkette
- Camilla Gumi
- Aeon Moonbrook
- Seansie
- Chronos
- slot open
- slot open


  1. for the chibi license does it have to be our own face or can it be a character we have made up

    1. Yes, I've gotten commissioned to draw other peoples' original characters on the licenses.

  2. Can I please Know How To Get The Link Chibi License!Or can I not buy one but only supplies.

    1. May you please tell me were to buy the Link Chibi license.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. You can commission me to do another chibi Link because the one in the video is currently reserved for a contest winner. Write to me at banzchan001@gmail.com for price information.

  3. how much does it cost???

    1. Email me at banzchan001@gmail.com for pricing information.

  4. Do you have any 3 Ninjas t-shirts? In a 2x? Mike's black one is worn out and he asked me to see about getting another. He still wears it at least once a week! Hope you and Emily are doing well! Let me know about the shirt. Thanks! - Bridget Griffin, St. Louis, MO

    1. Hi Bridget! We haven't any plans to make any more 3 Ninja shirts since we barely go to shows anymore. We'll look into a special online offer. Possibly on our facebook. Glad Mike likes the shirt that much. Give him a huge hug for us. :)

  5. Do you draw Minecraft skins (only portraits off course)? And if requested, not square shaped?

  6. How much would it cost if I wanted a chibi license of sonic the hedgehog? (like the one on youtube).