Monday, December 21, 2009

Chibi Tobi

Click image to expand and download to computer.

Hi. Welcome to my blog and very first entry. This is a blog to compliment my channel on Youtube. Here you'll find more information, links, and freebies for my subscribers.

The image to the right is a scan of the artwork I created. If you click on the image you can download it and color it, or animate, if you choose. All I ask is credit to be given to me or a link back to this blog somewhere on the image or at the end of the animation.

Thanks for reading.

-Robert de Jesus


  1. what a nice blog and your talent is amazing.

  2. I love the super SD style that you put in this picture, I think that you have some kind of art grade or at least Viagra Free Samples, because you're very gifted.

  3. Seus desenhos são perfeitos, como também desenho sei como é difícil chegar a este ponto,
    espero que voce desenhe cada vez melhor


  4. Parabéns!!
    Qual material você usou será q podia postar?

  5. Hi, where are you from? Would you be intersted in coming to Vancouver BC to attend our animeconvention?